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Smart-Clip2 Basic Set

12 Months warranty
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Smart-Clip2 Basic Set

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Smart-Clip2 Basic Set YES

Description: Smart-Clip2 Basic Set

Smart-Clip2 Basic Set is a hardware solution that enables servicing, flashing and repairing for cell phones and smartphones based on MTK platform. No codes or credits required.

Buy Smart-Clip2 Basic Set (with activated smart card) and extend its functionality with additional Smart-Clip2 Activations at your own discretion.



*Activate Pack 1 to perform the full range of servicing operations with MTK-based cell phones: MTK IMEI Repair + MTK Calculator, along with numerous other procedures.

  • Universal multibrand MTK unlock solution
  • Powerful flashing tool
  • Repair Security Area
  • Works with phone's file system
  • Regular firmware updates


Direct Unlock:

  • Android smartphones based on MTK CPU supported
  • Alcatel, Motorola, ZTE and other MTK brands
  • Huawei with old and new security types

- There is no need to select model from the list
- Standalone solution, doesn't need any server codes or credits
- All firmware versions and provider IDs are supported
- Fast unlock procedure
- Read User Code (unlike using "format FFS", no private information will be lost)
- Read/generate all types of codes:

Motorola EX-series, Huawei, Android smartphones etc.:

  • NP (Network Personalization) code
  • NSP (Network Subset Personalization) code
  • CP (Corporate Personalization) code
  • SP (Service Provider Personalization) code
  • SIMP (SIM Personalization) code
  • NS-SP personalization code
  • SIM-C personalization code

Alcatel, Motorola WX-series:

  • NCK (Network Control Key) code
  • NSCK (Network Subset Control Key) code
  • SPCK (Service Provider Control Key) code
  • CCK (Corporate Control Key) code
  • PCK (Personalization Control Key) code

- Support of specific firmware and hardware versions:

  • Models locked with "hardware lock"
  • Models with auto SP-lock
  • Models with more than one SIM
  • Models with disabled unlock code menu



- Smart-Clip2 flash files are stored in *.skf format
- Read phone's firmware version
- COM port speed – up to 921600 bps
- Read & Restore backup
- Upgrade firmware (restore backup from one phone into another)
- Upgrade and downgrade firmware version
- Huge flash files archive:

  • Latest firmware versions
  • Huge archive of operator's firmwares
  • Huge selection of language packs

File names specifications:

  • "Locked" – means that after firmware update phone will be locked
  • "ID Flash" – means that firmware is intended for a specific flash memory type
  • "LP description" – means that each file contains description of languages that are placed in the flash file

- Correct firmware upgrade for Alcatel models (works with CUST PARA area)
- Smart (fast) write mode
- Simple write mode
- Works with NAND and NOR flash chip type:

  • Same flash file can be flashed into NAND chips with different page sizes
  • Complete handling of NAND bit errors
  • "Bad blocks" detection and marking during flashing process for phones with NAND chip



- Repair Security Area for Alcatel cell phones (flashing method)
- Diagnostics and Security Area Repair for Huawei cell phones (models with new security type).
- Repair of the following software errors:

  • Software Error 23
  • Software Error 4
  • Software Error 3
  • Software Error 20
  • Other types of software errors


WORK WITH FFS ( Phone's file system)

- Works with FFS through boot mode (allows to export information from the phone's FFS zone even if the handset is dead, but file system of the set is not damaged)
- Works with network calibrations (backup and restore)
- Works with phone's flex (backup and restore)
- Phone book backup
- Format file system



- MediaTek MT6219, MT6223, MT6225, MT6226, MT6235, MT6236, MT6238, MT6239, MT6250, MT6251, MT6252, MT6253, MT6260, MT6516, MT6268, MT6573, MT6575, MT6577, MT6572, MT6582, MT6589, MT625A
- Support for new CPUs and flash chips are being added immediately



- Works via UART interface – any virtual or physical COM-port (up to 921600 bps)
- Phone's external RAM testing
- Accelerating operations execution (boost mode)
- MTK boot speed autodetect
- DTR & RTS serial port control
- Multilingual software interface: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Portuguese


  • Smart-Clip2 Box with smart card - 1 pc.
  • 1 year access to flash file archive Boot-Loader v2.0
  • Set of cables - 9 pcs.
  • TX/RX/GND cable
  • Fly DS105/DS120 cable
  • Micro USB cable for Alcatel OT-series, Motorola EX-series, Motorola WX-series
  • Fly Q420/E176, Huawei G7010/G6150 cable
  • Huawei G7007/G6603 cable
  • Mini USB cable for Alcatel OT-series, Motorola WX-series
  • Motorola EX108/EX116 cable
  • Regular micro USB cable
  • USB A to B cable
  • Professional technical support
  • Invoice

Smart-Clip2 Basic Set - Supported Models

Z110 Liquid , Z120, Z130, Z2

769, 775, 790

D120a Dash, D130a Dash, D161A Dash 3.5, D261A Dash 4.0, Studio 5.3, T172T TV

AX510, AX520, AX530, AX540, AX610, AX650, AX690

Excite 400DX, Excite 501d, Thrill 430g




G500 Pro, G610, MS3A MEFAFON LOGIN2, U8836D, Y220, Y320, Y511, Y600


S105 Ilium , S120, S215 Ilium, S400 Ilium , S410, S500 Ilium, S600, S700

A2107 IdeaTab, A269i, A369i, A390, A800

SS1060, SS1080, Ss550 , SS880, Ss990

Forward Infinity, Wavemove Miracle

Fly, Noba


MultiPad 2 8.0 Ultra Duo 3G, MultiPhone PAP4322 DUO


750 3G


S400, S728

861, 875 (Smart mini), 975, Blade C2, Blade G Pro, Blade Q, Blade Q Maxi , Blade Q Mini, Blade Super, Grand X, Grand X Pro, Mimosa Mini, Mimosa X, Momodesign MD Smart, Movistar one, Orange Reyo, T12, T760, Telstra Smart-Touch 2, Telstra Uno, Tmn Smart A18, V760, V765M LEO Q1 , V793, V795, V807 (Blade C), V809, V8110, V856 , V857, V889M, V889S, V970M, V971


Full list of supported mobile phones can be viewed on the manufacturer's website.


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