updated: 2017-04-17
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GPS Tracker Logger PolGps1

12 Months warranty
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GPS Tracker Logger PolGps1

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Description: GPS Tracker Logger PolGps1

PolGps1 is GPS tracker and logger that was 100% designed and made in Poland. All parts that was used in his production are bought in Europe . Manufacture of plates like also installation was was made by polish company.
Years of experience in the sale of GPS devices like GPS tracker allowed us to design and produce a device, that best meets the needs of Polish users. Check out the most important technical details taht make this GPS devices so special,  because it has been designed to maximize the use of its capabilities with minimal power consumption , taking into account all the parameters, and so-called random events.

Basic features:

  • GPS locator - in defined by the user way (default: 60 seconds) device transmits current position in the form of SMS or via GPRS to the selected IP / port or DNS
  •  GPS logger - at the same time device saves your GPS position on the memory card . So even if there is no GSM signal or are other problems such as with the SIM card,  we have  always full history of the route, sorted by date / time.

Characteristics of PolGps1

  • Motion Detection

The device has a built-in accelerometer, so that it sends the data only , when there is a real motion. With precise synchronization this device automatically detects layover and move. This allows the saving transmission of data and battery Life. In case of prolonged no movement device reports the location for the control of - every 1 hour.  When motion is detected automatically begins data transfer according to the programmed interval.


  • Dual Mode Activity

The device has two modes of operation - normal and economy. Device automatically switches to another mode when it detects a plugged power supply (charger).You can also manually switch the modes. The operation mode also depends on the frequency of sending data (GSM and GPS system sleep and actvating only at the time of sending). There is also the possibility of total sleep mode of the device.


  • Quick Setup

The possibility to set the main parameters of the device (ip, port, APN, frequency, mode of operation, network mode, etc)by using ONLY ONE Text Message consisting of a single letter and the user's password:).All the commands are simple words and they have a shortcut in the form of a single letter (e.g. instead the command help,123456 you can use the command h,123456). So you don't need to enter long commands. If you forget your commands-device will send to you a list of SMS commands.


  • Setting from Memory Card

You don't want to send SMS Message with settings? Nothing easier. Just save the settings in a text file and copy this file to the Memory Card. Without the use of a cable without the need for any software without installing the drivers!

  • Motion Alarm

Thanks to the built-in motion sensor we could completely give up of alerts by using GPS, which have a low accuracy and high power consumption. When the mechanical motion sensor detects movement it will automatically send You an SMS Message with information, which does not contain false alerts caused by weak GPS coverage.


  • The possibility of receiving an SMS Message with a map 

The device works with every Smart Phone - after You receive an SMS , open it - you will see on your Phone a map with marked SMS position.

  • Diagnostic

You have problem with Your device? You need a firmare update? You do not need to send it to us! Just send us a special diagnostic file, which is saved on the memory card in your device! This will allow us to remotely identify the source of Your problem! 



  • Update 

A new version of the software is coming out? You need a individual changes in the software? You found a mistake in the software?You do not need to send the device to our service! You need only to receive from us via email this software and copy them to the memory card, then put it into the device. The update will be done automaticall



- GPS tracker Logger PolGps1
- Charger 
- Battery Li-ion
- User manual
- Warranty 12 months

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